With the need to isolate and practise social distancing, we are all bound to feel scared, unsafe and uncertain about the future to come. In a time like this that is full of anxiety, fear and uncertainties, a little exercise can actually make you feel a lot better and help fight infections better. In fact, this time of self-quarantine is the best time to squeeze in some extra workouts!

Now we know how much our cult members must miss their group classes — the 50-minute intense workouts, happy faces, their trainer’s motivation and our signature sign off: WE ARE CULT! But let’s not let that stop us from getting our dose of daily exercise and let’s workout together from the place we all feel the safest right now — our homes!

Introducing cult.live!

With cult.live classes, our goal is to bring fun group workouts created by our world-class trainers and athletes straight to your home! You can choose and attend classes from a variety of formats like dance, strength & conditioning, Yoga, cardio and HRX.

WHY cult.live?

Workout from wherever you are

cult.live classes can be attended through the cure.fit app or website, and you can also cast these classes to your smart TV or via chromecast.

Zero waitlisting

Can’t find a cult.live class you really want to attend at a time suitable to you? No problem — we run multiple repeat telecasts across the day to help you find a slot of your convenience.

Attend classes together, virtually!

Since these classes are streamed LIVE at a specific time, you’ll never feel alone in your workouts. Our Energy Meter feature will help you track your efforts and also enables you to partake in a little friendly competition with many others attending these classes with you.

And that’s not all — you can also invite your buddies to these cult.live classes and workout with them together, virtually!

Get trained by real athletes

A great coach can make every workout better. All workouts on cult.live are created by our team of world-class trainers and athletes who’ll keep pushing you to be better with your every workout.

Track your progress in real-time

Along with our inspiring trainers, our energy meter feature will help you keep pushing yourself to perform better. The feature requires camera permissions only to help you to track your movements and efforts and assign you a score. The higher you score, the better is your rank at the end of the session.

P.S. We don’t peek! No one but you can see your camera footage — we promise!

Get detailed workout reports

Get a better view of your workout with our class reports! The cult.live class reports will give you a detailed view of how you performed with details like your total workout duration, muscles worked, your energy score and rank if you’ve enabled the energy meter.

Who is cult.live for?

Everyone! At cure.fit, our mission is to make health and fitness easy and fun for everyone. cult.live classes are great for everyone — whether you workout sporadically or workout every single day — we’ve got something for everyone.

However, if you are suffering from an existing injury or chronic pain, it’s best you check with your doctor before attending the cult.live classes.

If we haven’t caught your attention already — these classes are absolutely FREE for all in India.

All you’ll need is a pair of comfortable shoes, a napkin and a water bottle to get you through a class. Not to state the obvious — a device with sufficient charge, good internet connection and the cure.fit app.

For those who want to enjoy seasons on the big screen, you can also stream the session on the desktop and mirror the same on your TV screen or cast using chromecast.

Energy Meter and Reports

If you want to have a great workout experience, we highly recommend that you enable the Energy Meter. The energy meter requires your device’s camera permission to capture all your movements and assign you an energy score based on your range of motion and intensity.

But what about your privacy? Don’t worry, no one but you can see your camera footage, not even us — we promise!

The Energy score eventually helps you get a rank at the end of the class. Ranked among the top few? Go on and flaunt about it by sharing it on social media! Maybe, you’ll end up challenging a few friends.

If you want to make things even more fun, invite your (fellow home-bound) family members and friends to attend the same sessions in their respective rooms and homes and compare scores at the end.

You can also track your progress by accessing all your class reports from the app. Watch yourself workout and grow stronger! We’ll soon be adding fortnightly and monthly reports too.

Did we succeed in helping everyone workout?

We have seen an increase of 450% in the number of people working out with from the time cult.live was launched! Our customers were continuing their workout routines from home. But, maybe, let our customers speak :)

While this product was initially designed and envisioned to be able to provide good quality workouts to customers who do not have access to cult centers, we are now re-focussing all our energies to meet the needs of this hour.

We’re ramping up our tech capabilities, variety and number of classes and more innovations on engagement for cult.live! We are working towards ensuring that live classes can be availed seamlessly by hundreds of thousands of people at the same time without any glitches.

As a company, we made a promise to make health easy. Cult.live is one such product that will be instrumental in making this vision come alive.

In the end, we’d like to thank you for doing your bit and staying indoors! Stay safe everyone.

Watch this space for more on all the behind the scenes action on making cult.live happen!

Mar 20, 2020

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