For super-user, Sitara Subramani, Cult has been more than just about fitness. Since joining Cult in 2016, she has spent over 1,100 sessions with us, achieved numerous inspiring milestones, and made lots of friends along the way.In this interview, she shares her experience with cult.fit. Read on:

Hi, Sitara! Tell us about your fitness journey and why you decided to join Cult.

I was an active kid. I used to swim and also was a part of a running group. Before I joined Cult, I was working out at a gym in my locality. I’ve always been someone who’s motivated when I’m working out in a group. And so, I didn’t enjoy working out alone as much. When I heard about Cult’s format, I decided to take the leap and become a member.

How often do you workout?

I do a minimum of 5 workouts a week. I aim for one strength training session and one dance fitness session in a day.

What motivates you to stay fit?

I make it a point to work out in the mornings, because my day just gets better when I do! It’s become a habit now. Also, with age, it’s all the more important to focus on your well-being. I’ve always been an active person. And I want to continue doing that and pushing myself. The more milestones I achieve, the more determined I am to accomplish bigger personal records.

What do you enjoy most at cult.fit?

For me, it’s the community of people working out together and motivating each other that I enjoy so much. When you’re doing the same exercise in a group, your workout peers push you to do better and you motivate them too! Over the years, I’ve made a lot of friends ⁠— and the thing we all have in common is fitness and workouts. The energy at Cult is contagious. I also really appreciate the individual attention I get from the trainers, in spite of it being a group class. .

“My trainers knew my body better than I, so they’d push me to do better. And everytime I hit a PR, I feel great!”

Is there something that you’ve learned over the years at Cult?

When I first joined Cult, I was more interested in functional fitness. I was of the opinion that weight-lifting was for men and if I lifted, I might bulk up. Cult changed my perspective. Over time, I’ve become more focused on technique and strength and it has made all the difference!

Are there any Cult highlights that you’re proud of?

I’ve done 120 kgs deadlifts and 100 kgs weighted squats! I’ve also worked on my pushups and built a stronger stamina.

Do you have any advice for beginners?

Leave your ego at the door. If you see someone lifting heavy, do not be intimidated. Remember that it’s a feat that they have achieved over time. Hastening your progress will only lead to injury. It’s okay to start small and work on your progress at a steady rate.

"Trust your trainers because they know how much you are capable of and will push you to do your best", says Sitara.
Sep 11, 2021

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