What comes to your mind when you think of boxing? Most likely, an image of a muscular, sweaty man in combat with a punching bag.After all, that’s how it has long been perceived - as a masculine, aggressive sport that’s all about fighting. But the truth is, boxing is so much more than that.More than anything, boxing is an incredible fitness sport. It gets the entire body and mind working together in sync. And most importantly - gender is no bar. So if you’re a woman who hasn’t thought about a Fitness Boxing class yet, you’ll have changed your mind after reading this piece!

Why should women give boxing a go?

Burns fat, increases strength

Functional strength training in the form of fitness boxing focuses on numerous muscles and joints simultaneously - leading to high calorie burn and improved endurance.Aerobic activity gets the heart pumping and boosts blood flow. Anaerobic activity, on the other hand, helps maintain muscle mass while burning fat quickly. Combining the two yields the best results: rapid fat loss while maintaining muscle and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

Boxing is said to be about 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic. So, fitness boxing provides you with the best of both worlds in one solid session!

Tones your muscles

Women are typically averse to strength training since they fear it will make them look ‘bulky’. This fear, however, is unfounded. The repetitive movements in boxing such as speed punches and footwork build natural strength. This results in a lean, toned look as opposed to the bulky aesthetic that many women wish to avoid.

Benefits from top to toe

While fitness boxing is known for its focus on the upper body, it is in fact a great full-body workout. The footwork, ducks, and swings stimulate the glutes, calf muscles, and quads. The core is always engaged through the workout and is strengthened during each movement.

Teaches self defence

Boxing techniques teach you how to block a potential attacker or fight an opponent. This is incorporated in the reaction drills, partner pad work, and school boxing workouts.Since practicing boxing regularly increases endurance and agility, it makes us faster and teaches us to be aware of our surroundings - which are qualities to possess especially when faced with a threat.

Boosts mental health

Given the pace of modern life - it’s easy to forget about self care when balancing personal and professional commitments. It may not seem so at first glance, but boxing is a great form of self care.Physical activity of any kind has been shown to promote a positive mood, reduce stress and improve sleep. Fitness boxing in particular, has its own share of mental health benefits. Be honest - haven’t we all wanted to punch something (or someone) out of frustration at some point? That’s what a punching bag and gloves are for!Picture the cause of your frustration in place of the punching bag, and go ahead and relieve your stress (in a healthy way)

Improves hormone balance

Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause - a number of biological processes women go through can throw our hormones off. Both anaerobic and strength training exercises improve hormone health since they include the active recovery phases that our bodies need.As mentioned previously, it incorporates both intensity and strength training, making it an excellent activity for hormonal health.

In short

Boxing is a great all-around workout that has excellent benefits for the body and mind. Don’t let the myths discourage you - it’s not exclusive to gender. It is for anyone who’s looking to boost their activity levels and get fit! So, if you haven’t given it a shot yet, go ahead and book a Cult boxing session today!

Jul 28, 2021

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