Every gym is home to at least a few, if not several sets of dumbbells in various sizes. This is apt considering what a no-brainer it is, to use and incorporate these versatile tools into any fitness routine, no matter the end goal of the user.

Especially with the onset of the pandemic, many have taken the liberty to upgrade their home gyms with small additions like yoga mats, resistance bands, foam rollers, and of course, dumbbells. This equipment serves as a promising investment for professionals and amateur trainers alike.

Why do you need dumbbells?

Versatility - Anywhere, Anyhow

This tool can be used virtually anywhere; your home, outdoors, standing up, or sitting down. They don’t require any effort with regards to set up, or any major space for storage and you always have the option to not only select the weight but choose to use either one or two at a time.


Most weight lifting exercises require proper training, regular supervision from a professional, and on most occasions, a workout spotter - someone who can assist during high-risk exercises. With the wrong form or a slight misjudgment, lifting weights can lead to serious injuries.

This is rarely the case with dumbbells. Well known to be dummy-proof and easy to use, they are probably one of the safest equipment to incorporate into any workout.

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Easy on the Pocket

Depending on the weight, brand, and type, you can purchase them for as low as 300 rupees. Let’s not forget that they are basically impossible to break or damage!

Complete Workout Routine 

Dumbbells can be used in several upper and lower body and core exercises. Here are just a few exercises to name among the variety of routines that can be performed using this ultra-versatile object:

Chest & Back

  1. Bent-Over Row

Target Area - Upper and Lower Back

  • Stand with a dumbbell in each hand and keep your knees slightly bent
  • Bend down to a 45-degree angle, tightening your core while keeping your back straight
  • With your arms and legs about shoulder-length apart, lift the weights upward in a straight line
  • Lower the weights down to the starting position and repeat this motion
  1. Lying Dumbbell Fly

Target Area - Upper Back and Rear Shoulders

  • Lie down with your back against a bench and your feet, flat to the floor
  • Hold the dumbbells straight above your chest, palms facing each other other
  • With your elbows slightly bent, lower your arms to the side, as far as you can
  • Slowly bring it back up to the original position, and repeat
  1. Floor Press

Target Area - Chest Muscles

  • Lie down on the floor, with a dumbbell in each hand above your chest
  • Keep your arms straight and lower the weights towards your chest
  • Press them back up and repeat
  1. Dumbbell Press Up

Target Area - Chest and Core

  • Position yourself down with your face to the floor
  • Put your feet together, hands holding dumbbells shoulder-width apart
  • Strengthen your core, and keep your back straight (similar to a plank or a push up)
  • Bend your elbows, lowering your body to the floor, and push back up into your initial stance


  1. Bicep Curl
  • Stand straight, dumbbells by your sides and palms facing forwards
  • Keep your elbows tucked against your sides, curl the weights up, applying pressure to the biceps.
  • Lower them back and repeat
  1. Triceps Extention
  • Stand straight and hold a dumbbell over your head with one hand, arm extended towards the sky
  • Lower the weight behind your head, then raise it back to the start
  • Finish all the reps with one arm and then switch and repeat
  1. Hammer Curls

Target Area - Biceps and Forearms

  • Stand with dumbbells by your sides and palms facing each other.
  • With elbows tucked to your sides, curl the weights up, squeezing your biceps.
  • Lower them back and repeat

Legs & Abs

  1. Squats

Target Area - Calves, Thighs, Hips

  • Stand and hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Keep your chest up, core tight, and squat down as deep as you can
  • Push back up through your heels, return, and repeat
  1. Woodchop

Target Area - Abs, Core, Shoulders, Lower Back

  • Stand and hold dumbbells in both hands to one side
  • Squat, then stand back up while raising the weight up and across your body until it’s above your shoulder
  • Reverse the movement. Complete the reps on one side, then switch
  1. Lunge

Target Area- Lower Body, Hamstrings, Abs, Core

  • With a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your chest up and core braced
  • Take a big step forward with one foot until both knees are bent 90°
  • Push off your front foot to back to the start
  • Repeat the reps with one leg, then switch
  1. Crunches

Target Area - Upper Abs

  • Lie flat on the floor
  • Hold a dumbbell across your chest
  • Tighten your abs, then raise your torso off the floor
  • Squeeze your abs at the top, then lower yourself slowly back and repeat this motion

Health Benefits of Dumbbell Workouts

  • Burning calories
  • Boosting the resting metabolic rate
  • Strengthening the bones, and connective tissue
  • Activate and stimulate muscle growth
  • Improves flexibility and muscle growth
  • Promotes coordination and stability for muscles and joints
  • Improved blood circulation

Expert Info: Strength training can help prevent chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Incorporating dumbbells could result in more than just muscle building, it could also be an opportunity to avoid the risk of serious diseases.

Final Thoughts

It can't be disputed that dumbbells are absolutely essential in any workout routine. Whether the aim is to get strong, look lean, become more agile, increase stamina; Dumbbells can be used in such a variety of ways, with an even greater variety of weights, that it's got something to offer to everyone. As is with all exercises and equipment, there is always the scope to use something incorrectly or over-exert your body. But, it is safe to say that dumbbells are extremely low risk and definitely a high reward addition to any fitness routine.

Jan 29, 2022

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