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Punch The Fat Away! - Fitness Boxing for Weight Loss

If you’re still trying to reach your target weight and existing fitness formats don’t appeal to you, we might just have a format with the perfect mix of thrill & effectiveness. Read on to know how fitness boxing can be the perfect addition to your weight loss journey.

Trainer Story | This psychologist packs a punch: Boxing Trainer, Gurmanprit’s inspiring journey

'Girls can't outdo men when it comes to strength,' 'Women are too weak to play sports,' 'Ladies must focus on building a home and not muscles' – sounds all too familiar? Well, like many of us, Gurmanprit, too, had to face the brunt of judgments and societal stigma while chasing her one true calling – Boxing. Let's find out how she overcame the many different roadblocks and made her way into the world of fitness.

Get Fit and Strong with These 10 Exciting Boxing Exercises

Discover 10 exciting boxing exercises for fitness and strength. They include jump rope jabs, shadow boxing, heavy bag work, speed bag training, focus mitt drills, medicine ball exercises, core workouts, plyometrics, circuit training, and sparring. offers expert coaching and emphasizes mental growth. Find nearby boxing classes for an empowering fitness journey.