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Boost Your Oral Health: Your Guide to Oral Hygiene

We all have been taught to brush twice a day for healthier teeth but is that it? Is brushing twice the only thing that can help maintain better oral health? Read on to find out what routine you can follow for an all round oral hygiene.

Time To Make A Switch: Should You Upgrade To An Electric Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrushes have gained a lot of eyeballs in the past few years but the question remains the same; should you or should you not pick one? Read on to make your decision easier..
Healthy Eating

The Truth Behind Your Favorite Teas and What You Should Do Differently

India’s favourite beverage of choice, Masala Chai, along with several types of tea are synonymous with a start to the day or a refreshing break. But are these teas doing more harm than good? Read on to see how teas really affect your body and how often you should consume them.

Ultimate Guide to Buying your First Bicycle

Want to buy a bicycle but overwhelmed by all the information out there? Here’s your go-to all-in-one cycle buying guide.

Ready? Get Set, GAIN! - How to Master Your Muscles

Most times when we start with a workout routine, we do not necessarily focus on building strength and muscle, right? Lifting weights is usually the last thought that crosses our mind if our goal is to lose weight. If you’re of the same thought process, read on..

Winning interactivity using Computer Vision

Cult’s energy meter, launched in 2020, has played a major role in delivering an engaging experience to the user. The innovation uses deep learning and computer vision to calculate metrics such as energy score, and rep-counts, and monitor poses to provide users with meaningful insights and feedback.

Trainer Story | From Shishya To Guru: How fitness changed, Dance & Strength Expert, Suvini's life

Challenges and obstacles are meant to break through, overcome and succeed. From inconsistent weight gain and loss to making fitness an ever-long part of her life, this is Suvini's story from a member to being a fitness and dance expert at

Dance your worries (and calories) away

Bored of the gym but still want to burn those calories? Dance Fitness has it all! Read on for why you should opt for this power packed workout.