This Festive Season, Celebrate Guilt-Free!

Is the guilt of breaking your fitness streak dampening your festive spirit? We’re here to help you balance celebrations with your goals. Read on for tips for guilt-free festive indulgence.
Weight Loss

The abs-olute guide to burning belly fat!

A flat stomach is something that’s on almost everyone’s fitness list. And often, people resort to misguided and unsustainable means to achieve it. But that doesn’t have to be the case ⁠— because Shwetambari Shetty is here to give you a low-down on belly fat.

Calling All Women - Here’s Why Fitness Boxing Is For You!

Boxing has long been termed a ‘men’s sport’, misconstrued as one that’s meant to bulk up muscles. Our trainer, Gurmanprit Kaur, is here to bust myths - telling you all the reasons why it makes for a great sport and fitness routine for women as well!

Understanding Post Workout Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Remember that intense leg day which made sitting and climbing stairs difficult? Or the day after an upper body workout when you struggled to put on your t-shirt? That feeling of ‘pain’ or ‘discomfort’ which makes moving slightly difficult is what DOMS is.

Boxing at All you need to know

A common misunderstanding about Fitness Boxing is that it’s an aggressive workout which involves fighting, and is only for people who want to learn boxing. Boxing coach Mujtaba Kamal is here to bust some myths and help us understand the difference between actual boxing and fitness boxing.

Debunking 5 popular fitness myths

What you don’t know about fitness can hurt you—and, most importantly, interfere with your fitness goals. For safer workouts with excellent results, our Fitness Expert, Rahul Basak, shows us the truth behind five common fitness and exercise myths. Let’s get started!

Ramadan: Fasting, Feasting And Training

Starting from your diet, workout, to sleep schedule, one goes through a shift in their daily routine during Ramadan 30-day fasting. And it is quite natural to ask questions like “Is it safe to workout?” or “Will I lose muscle mass if I workout while fasting?”.

The Secret To Developing A Balanced Exercise Plan

Planning your workout can be easy and efficient if you know what components to consider. Read on for tips from our Fitness Expert Spoorthi.