Digital prescriptions in the time of COVID-19: A case study

Along with our marquee brand, has long been an integral part of our long-term vision. A strong focus on clinic design ensuring zero wait time and stellar customer experience lead to’s consistent high ratings in offline experiences before COVID-19 hit.
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Introducing the Next Generation of Cult Gyms

We have added another exciting new offering to our fitness ecosystem -- Cult Gyms! These gyms are of top-notch quality, with every design and functionality element carefully thought through. Let's take a tour below!
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Customer Experience from a Lens

Deeply rooted in the DNA of, this 6 point framework helps us keep customers at the center of everything we do
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OKR — a process, a platform, a culture!

OKR — a process, a platform, a culture!
Behind the Scenes — Bringing Cult Into Your Home

As a company, our goal has always been to make health easy for our customers. And when the pandemic hit, we were even more determined to keep that promise, because we knew that it would be an integral part of their lives.
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Behind the scenes of

There’s something special about going to the gym or any fitness center. It builds a sense of community, uniting people in their fitness goals. At, we know that nothing gets your blood pumping like a good workout, and
Engineering’s Android App Sheds the Unhealthy Weight

Primarily a health & fitness app, features multiple products/services in a single app i.e.,,,, and live.Fit.
Engineering’s Analytics Stack

How many Cult members have tried’s the cross-sell between and is the average number of meals consumed per customer per month?Who are the promoters and detractors of