Popular Skincare Beliefs: Truth or Myth?

From online articles to Instagram Reels, the Internet is choc-a-block with skincare information. While some are helpful, not all of them can be trusted and it’s always good to re-evaluate all the information you’ve been exposed to.
Healthy Eating

What's the deal with Collagen?

From your local pharmacy store to Instagram reels, skincare products are everywhere -- collagen being one of the most trendy skincare products talked about. But what exactly is it and where does it fit into your skincare routine?

Debunking 5 popular fitness myths

What you don’t know about fitness can hurt you—and, most importantly, interfere with your fitness goals. For safer workouts with excellent results, our Fitness Expert, Rahul Basak, shows us the truth behind five common fitness and exercise myths. Let’s get started!

Spot On: Decoding the Hype in Hyperpigmentation

Read on as Cosmetic-Dermatologist, Dr. Sravya Tipirneni explains the different types of hyperpigmentation, why it isn’t just a cosmetic issue and why it doesn’t have a “one-tube-fits-all” solution.

Workout Uninterrupted: Busting Myths On Exercising During Your Periods

Working out during periods still has so much misinformation around it. Our expert, Dr. Vinutha Sasalatti, Consultant OB/GYN, is here to clear the air around it. Let’s dive in!
Weight Loss

Fat Loss On Your Mind? Everything You Need To Know About Body Fat

Here's everything there is to know about body fat, how to measure it and how to reduce it.

Yoga for PCOS - Effective Asanas for PCOS

The abbreviated form of polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS is every modern-day woman's nightmare. The condition affects the normal functioning of your body, which results in altered body morphology and functioning of internal organs.

Demystifying PCOS: 7 things you've always wanted to know

Whether they’re an entrepreneur, a boss, a super mom, or something in between, the modern woman is embracing new roles, setting bigger goals, and meeting the world head-on. But hustle culture has its downsides — more work, less sleep, and late nights with instant meals among other things.