muscle building


Understanding Post Workout Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Remember that intense leg day which made sitting and climbing stairs difficult? Or the day after an upper body workout when you struggled to put on your t-shirt? That feeling of ‘pain’ or ‘discomfort’ which makes moving slightly difficult is what DOMS is.
Weight Loss

Scaling Up: A Guide to Healthy Weight Gain

Believe it or not, gaining weight can be as big of an issue for some people as weight loss. Our fitness expert Shoaib discusses what it means to be underweight, and shares tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way.

Walk This Whey: Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powders

If you're considering building muscle or even losing weight chances are you've already thought about consuming protein supplements. Here’s a guide that’ll answer all your supplement-related questions.

Muscular Training 101: How To Build Muscle Mass

Rishabh Telang explains the basic principles of muscular training that will systematically help you build muscle mass