It is a common experience for people to set new goals and lose interest to stick to it fervently in the long run as a kind of burn out sets in. That’s when they know that they are losing motivation. Technically motivation in the impulse that gets the ball rolling and guides you to keep focused on goal-oriented behaviors. As it occurs in all human endeavors, there will be days when you feel you are not up to the task, that’s when you need motivational stories of people who beat the odds and overcame plateau to achieve their goals. Talk to any success guru or motivational speaker and you will always find the general consensus is that to perform your best and be successful in any chosen field, you would need a balance at the physical and mental level. To achieve that it’s essential to maintain an optimal level of physical fitness and be well regulated mentally through a constant dose of motivation. As Peter J Davies puts it; “Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top up’s”. Here are some motivational stories of celebrities and social media influencers that are sure to amp you up.

An inspirational story on pursuing a different career

If you’re already in the fitness scene, you would know Shwetanbari Shetty as the face of Zumba in the city. Her humble beginnings were at the HSBC bank as a commerce graduate who knew for a long time that accounts and number crunching in her cubicle wasn’t really her thing. As a girl who was active in yoga and sports since her childhood, fitness came to her naturally and when she finally got a chance to work at a health club, she took it. Little did she know that her life journey was about to take a major detour and she would go on to establish herself as a brand. Shwetambari was one of the first people in India to take up the Zumba instructor course in 2011. Zumba, which is a high-energy workout, is a combination of dance and fitness. It is popular around the world and set off a trend in India soon after it was introduced. Shwetambari is now an inspiration to thousands and has set up a group of businesses around her passion – a TV show of her own, a radio hour, The Tribe, which is her own fitness chain, and an upcoming web series. While exercise is essential for weight loss, gain, fitness, or any other sports activities, the essence of her teaching is to age gracefully.

Success Mantras from a veteran cricketer

Johny Rhodes who needs no introduction to cricket fans is one of the greatest fielders of all time. He swears by his success mantras which have pushed him forward to achieve peak performances both on the field and in life. One of his favorite mantras he has always had is a fielder and as a coach is that “The freedom to fail is vital if you are going to succeed”. Although no one likes to fail, his emphasis is on taking more chances to maximize your success, along with it, inevitably, also comes failed attempts. But what is important is that you keep trying regardless of the outcome so you develop the skills with each attempt.His second mantra revolves around a common theme, which is practice. However, he puts a twist on it that he picked up from the father. While everyone knows that practice makes perfect, he believes it is only half the story. He goes on to say that “Perfect Practice makes perfect” emphasizing the importance of getting it right at every step and not waste time and effort even at the level of practice. If you can optimize your practice sessions, you get more time to perfect it further. Here are more success mantras by Jonty Rhodes as he narrates it himself.

Why following your passion matters

Rahul Bose is a multi-talented personality who is a movie director, actor, screenwriter, rugby player, and a social activist. His work on-screen and off-screen speak for themselves and there’s little that needs to be said to his fans. Bose’s multifaceted talents are reflected since his school days as he was active in theatre, sports, and numerous other clubs and still managed to ace the exams. His success streak continued into college and along with his best friend Nasir Khan “reinvented what it meant to be famous” in college. At the heart of his secret to success is to stay connected to what you loved doing as a child, that thing which you have a passion for; sports, intellectual pursuits, arts, or anything else it may be. So reconnecting with your childhood is essential to recall what you excelled at and enjoyed the most so you can keep those skills alive and draw nourishment that will keep you happy for the rest of your life. Bose emphasizes developing a number of skill sets so you can pursue your interests that could someday pay off big, however, he also cautions against jumping from one pursuit to another unless you have a stable platform underneath you that can sustain. Watch here for Bose’s journey of life and his exciting experiences throughout his career.

Weightlifting is not exclusively for men

For a long time, men have been at the center of attention at weightlifting and training with heavy weights as there are lots of misconceptions about weight lifting for women. While none of it is rooted in science, it’s mostly a misunderstanding of how our bodies work. Thanks to social media influencers and widespread knowledge about exercise physiology, many women are discovering that weight training is an excellent way to burn fat and stay fit along with other forms of workouts without “bulking up”. As strength and conditioning coach Spoorthi explains it in her video, cardio which is the go-to exercise among women to sweat and burn fat isn’t the best way to shed calories. Weight training promotes muscle building that strengthens the body and improves joint and bone conditioning to take on rigorous exercises. While weightlifting itself burns calories during the session, the muscle mass built will continue to burn calories even during rest. Now, this brings us to the question of building excess muscle mass in women. The answer is No. Weight training doesn’t cause women to bulk up like men as they lack the testosterone needed for it. Instead, weight lifting for women builds stronger toned muscles.

How to gain your work-life balance

One of the major demotivators for people to pursue their life and fitness goals is the disturbing work and personal life balance that comes with their new pursuits. Actress and influencer Niti Taylor copes with the changing demands that come her way by clearly separating her persona at work and her real self and switching on and off between them at will. She maintains that it’s essential to be aware of your roles at your job and to be fully in it when working and to step out of it when it’s over. A regular distressing and a positive attitude is also needed to maintain energy levels and not feel burnt out. With all that is going on at work, it can seem impossible to find the time, but in reality, you need to make time to have a life outside of your work because work is never over. Therefore balancing work & personal life according to her comes down to how well you can manage your time and not let those precious hours slip away in idleness. Niti makes use of all the time she gets in between her busy schedules to make sure she makes time for friends and family despite how hectic her schedule has been. Listen to her talk all about it in this video. Motivation is a constant pursuit to maintain your focus on your goals; it needs to be reinforced periodically.


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